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The Collective Awakening

We can all see our world-changing right before our eyes, and I do not believe it is by accident. I believe that amidst so many things that look like they are wrong, the world is falling into place! I think our Universe is asking us to go back to basics and evaluate who we are and the world by which we live. The world is moving us away from material gains to humanitarian efforts. It doesn’t matter at this point how much money you have because the stores aren’t open and the markets have crashed. No one cares about the car that you are driving or where you live. Most churches are offering online services, so that person that you did not want sitting next to you will not be sitting next to you.  

Social Distancing is allowing us to focus on what matters, our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, our family, friends, neighbors, and our world. We have children missing, people hungry, and so much more. I can hear some saying, “This does not have anything to do with me.” I would beg to differ! Regardless of you wanting to be your brother and sister’s keepers, you are.  And guess what? We are all in this together. The Universe did not exclude anyone from the equation. 

We are now being called to correct what is out of balance. We can no longer ignore the issues at hand. Now we must face that the problem is us or something that has a direct impact on our lives. It is time to confront the problems that we have created and ignored. Our blatant disregard has landed us here, into a “Collective Awakening,” a reconciliation, and it is so surreal that it feels like we are in the “Twilight Zone” or the “Matrix.” I like the definitions that Webster’s dictionary gives for the word reconcile.

  • To restore to friendship and harmony
  • To settle, resolve
  • To make consistent
  • To reconcile an ideal with reality (Are we doing the things that we want today in our lives to move the wheel on our behalf consistently? Or just going thru the motions mimicking learned behavior. Doing everything and doing nothing.)
  • To cause to submit to or accept something unpleasant (Our thoughts, actions, etc.,)
  • To check against another for accuracy
  • To account for[i]

I am not sure what this time means to anyone else, but for me, it means a time to refocus, renew, and refresh myself and the world around me. A do-over, so to speak. During this collective awakening, new ideas and rebirthing of individuals’ ideas will come about. Thus, I cannot wait to see what is produced during this time!  

Until then, keep on laughing, loving, and smiling!

[i] Merriam-Webster (Definition of RECONCILING, 2020)




  • Elaine S Bell

    This is so real for me…a time of awakening, reconciliation…we are all in this together and you know within yourself its time that you need to focus on things that are most important to you and move toward with true purpose..

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