Becoming-You Introduction

I decided to do something different for my birthday this year, which is 01/27/2020! I turned my pain into my passion. I chose a year ago to start a new business called “Becoming-You, LLC. I’m sure your asking, “What is this”? Well, it’s a full-service company that provides support to those who are transforming to their authentic selves. Becoming-You, LLC., will offer workbooks, journals, planners, candles, and so much more to assist you on your journey. How do you do that? By facing those things that become our nemesis, hindrances fears. Those things that repeatedly show up, and we are not sure of why. Those things that leave us at a continuous disadvantage so, I decided to do something about them. I decided to stop and address me.

If this message only reaches one person, that is okay. If one person is just me, then it was only my message. It did not fall on deaf ears. I realized somewhere on this journey that the reconciliation of self is not only okay, but it is necessary if I made it to the mountain top without looking back down and remembering what I had to go through, then this trek may not have been worth it.

This blog is to share what I experienced along the way. For my freedom and your improvement if you should heed the call to transform. Helping you understand that you will never be alone, although there are many chosen on the road, is few. I will never tell you that this was easy. I will tell you that now I don’t regret it. I will tell you I cried, laughed, questioned myself, the God I serve, and life (I am not trying to get you to help the dirty I serve. Or, change your mind).

I want to make sure you understand that I faced myself and didn’t see me. And those that know me and love me didn’t see me either. I realized who my friends are and that I only have a few. For this journey, that’s all you need. And what I truly and desperately wanted is what sent me to this (Yes, I will tell you). This place, this self-discovery, this truth, the realization of who and what I am. Your journey may or may not be the same, but it will reveal something. It will show the mask that we so desperately hold onto for acceptance of others and lies to self. One of my favorite sayings is, “I can Iie to you, but I never should lie to myself.” I have to be with me when you are long gone.

The final destination is love. The love of self and then of others; We say, “I love me” and I am here to tell you, I didn’t know the first thing about self-love. I couldn’t have loved me or anybody else until I addressed the issues that were stopping me from getting there. To included the God I said, I loved and was trying to serve. How could I help something that seems to let me down (Not really) continually? Abandonment, rejection, fear, trust, love, illusion, disillusionment, and so much more we’re just a few issues that I needed addressing. Please believe we are going to talk about this and so much more. I genuinely have a lot to say. What you won’t get is fluff. What you will get is transparency. I won’t share who I’m talking about (I’ll change the names to protect the innocent). I’m not trying to be malicious. Just open about my journey. We have all experienced some of these similar stories. We’ve been conditioned and taught to suffer in silence. Let that shit out!

The website is a work in progress. I will continue to write while I build, and eventually, like everything else, it will come together. But in the meantime, I ask that you like to share and join the email list for updates, next steps, celebrations, and more.



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